Hebridean Sheep

Hebridean sheep (also known as, St. Kilda sheep) originated in the islands off the western coast of Scotland. They are classified as one of the Northern Short-tailed breeds. They are a small breed with black face and legs. The fleece is generally black but may become grey with age. With their light amber eyes and horns they are a striking animal.

Both sexes are usually horned with either two or four horns. It is reported that the meat of the Hebridean has a significantly lower level of cholesterol than well known breeds. They also show a greater tendency to browse than other breeds which makes them useful in ecological projects where the control of brush and weeds is needed. The Hebridean is an extremely hardy breed. They are able to cope with extremes of weather and thrive on grazing that would be considered poor quality for other breeds. The sheep we use on the common are usually wethers (castrated males) and young rams. The ewes and lambs are kept on the farm as they need extra food and care.