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Contents of a half lamb box

Grass Fed Lamb Box

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Grass-fed, free-range and high welfare lamb box. These boxes give you a taste of our slow-grown heritage breeds of Southdown and Hebridean lamb that are grass-fed year-round on the wild grasses, flowers and herbs that make up the ancient pastures of our Sussex Low Weald farm. Our lamb is grown slowly until it reaches natural maturity then hung on the bone for at least 7 days to develop an intense depth of flavour, delicious texture and tenderness.

Your box will contain a selection of Joints, Chops and Mince, prepared in the farm shop by our expert butchers, vacuum packed and delivered chilled, ready for home freezing.

Half Lamb Box

1 x 1.3kg Lamb Shoulder (on the bone)
1 x 1.5kg Leg of Lamb (on the bone)
1 x Rack of Lamb (whole)
6 x Loin Chops
2 x Chump Chops
1 x Neck Fillet
1kg Mince

Whole Lamb Box

1 x 1.3kg Lamb Shoulder (on the bone)
1 x 1.2kg Lamb Shoulder (boned and rolled)
2 x 1.5kg Leg of Lamb (on the bone)
2 x Rack of Lamb (whole)
12 x Loin Chops
4 x Chump Chops
2 x Neck Fillet
2kg Mince

If you have any questions or would like your lamb cut in a different way, please leave instructions in the notes section at check out or give our butchers a ring on 01444 471 352.

* Due to the nature of butchery and differences in carcass size from one animal to the next, some weights may differ slightly from those listed. If one joint is smaller than expected, we will include a larger portion of one of the other items.