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Our Story

Carole feeding our Hebridean sheep

A small family farm in the heart of Sussex

Townings Farm is a traditional Low Weald family farm situated in the heart of the Sussex countryside, on the edge of the beautiful South Downs National Park between the villages of Chailey, Plumpton, and Wivelsfield Green.

We specialise in meat from traditional breeds, reared on our farm as naturally as possible to give the very best flavour.

Our meat has been reared ethically on our family farm, uniquely located in the Sussex Low Weald, and produced in the same sustainable way for three generations of our family, aged and cut by our expert butchers.

We still use the same sustainable methods of farming our family have used for three generations, we believe it's the only way to get beef that tastes this good!

The quality of our lamb reflects the diets our flocks enjoy, grazing year-round on the wild grasses, flowers and herbs that make up the ancient pastures of our farm in the Sussex Low Weald which gives the meat its rich, succulent taste.

Our slow-grown heritage breeds of Southdown and Hebridean lamb that are grass-fed year-round on the wild grasses, flowers and herbs that make up the ancient pastures of our Sussex Low Weald farm.

The History of Townings Farm

old black and white aerial photo of Townings Farm

The recorded history of Townings Farm dates as far back as the late 13th century, at the beginning of the Tudor era. The farmhouse was a traditional hall-house, in which a large fire would be built in the middle of the house to warm the surrounding rooms. Remnants of the original structure, including the hall room and the fire chimney, can still be seen in the house's current state, although several extensions have been added since.

The Uridge Family

In more recent history, the land has been farmed by the Uridge family since around 1950 and was once primarily a dairy farm, supplying milk to a large supermarket chain. However, this brought little profit or reward, so in 2005 we decided to take a leap and sold the majority of our dairy herd, in favour of developing a business centred around self-sufficiency, local produce and traditional farming. The shop started out in a small shed at the front of the house, and expanded year by year.

Townings Farm Shop is now situated in the building that was once our milking parlour. We have also established strong links with the management of Chailey Common, as we regularly graze our sheep on the common land. This and other conservation work has enabled us to further our sustainable business outlook, and we are looking forward to continuing this in the future.

Green fields full of Hebridean sheep on Townings Farm